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   Adult Ministries
Monthly Activities:

United Methodist Men – First Tuesday                                     7:00 p.m.

Fun & Lunch Bunch – Second Thursday                                 10:00 a.m.

Women's Ministry - Ruth Circle – Third Tuesday                     6:00 p.m.

Chancel Choir – every Wednesday                                            7:00 p.m.

Men's Basketball -- every Thursday                                           7:00 p.m.   

Joy of Living Bible Study -- Men and Women classes: Monday evenings at 7:00p.m. September -May.

Community Bible Study -- Women's class:  Thursday mornings at 9:30a.m. September - May.



There are also various areas where you can serve.  If interested in serving with one of the following ministeries, contact the church office.

Society of St. Stephen
An outreach ministry to our homebound, nursing home residents, and Meals on Wheels recipients.  We also offer assistance to help church members and the community in their specific needs.

Missions & Outreach Ministries

Congregational Care Ministry

Guest Ministries
Guest Ministires is a well organized team of volunteers that help during church services to ensure our current members, new members and guests always feel welcomed. There are several teams: Info/Welcome Center, Door Greeters, Hallway Hosts, Refreshment Hosts, Housekeeping, Ushers, Friendship Gift, Welcome Telephone, Follow Note, Data Team, Emergency Team, Parking Lot, Prayer Ministry. If you are interested in being a volunteer on any of the teams, please email marilyn@bellvilleumc.org

Stephen Ministry
Stephen Ministry is a program of our congregation that equips lay persons to provide distinctively Christian one to one care to those who are experiencing all kinds of life needs and circumstances, both in our congregation and community.

Stephen Ministry is love in action.
    • Stephen Ministry flows from Jesus' command to love one another. Through one-to–one caring relationships, those who are hurting receive the love and care they need to support them.
    • Is life more than you can handle right now?
    • Are your health, your attitude or your relationships suffering?
    • Are you adjusting to a new job, change in marital status, a serious illness, the death of a loved one, a recent move?

Would you like to have someone in your life that really cares?
Everyone goes through difficult times. Having someone to care, to listen, to share God's love with you can help you get through the confusion, stress or loneliness you may be experiencing. Stephen Ministry...

    • Is a complete system of training and organizing lay persons for caring ministry in and around the church.
    • Increases the ability of members to provide quality Christian care.
    • Enables those who receive care to grow a deeper relationship with God.
    • Encourages those cared for to care for others, to "love as they have been loved".
    • Builds a strong and supportive ministry team between pastors and lay people who together bring God's care to others.
    • Enables the entire congregation to grow as a warm, loving, nurturing community.
    • Is a proven system for multiplying caring ministries in the church.

Bellville United Methodist Church's Stephen Ministry As a Stephen Ministry congregation BUMC provides confidential, one-to-one Christian care to those desiring this ministry. Trained Stephen Ministers are assigned to care receivers to support their personal and spiritual growth.

As a care receiver, you will receive quality Christian care, gain support in a time of transition, reflect on your life's circumstances, cultivate a Christian friend, appreciate yourself as a person whom God values and loves, accept God's forgiveness or offer forgiveness to another, or renew your relationship with God.

Stephen Ministers are called to be Caregivers Bear on another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. – Galatians 6:2
Encourage the faint hearted, help the weak, be patient will all of them. – 1 Thessalonians 5:14

God is the Curegiver
Cast your burden on the Lord, and God will sustain you. – Psalm 55:22
Come to me, and you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. – Matthew 11:28
Cast all your anxiety on him, because God cares for you. – 1 Peter 5:7

If you are in need of...

    • Someone who cares
    • Someone who supports
    • Someone who listens
    • Someone who shares

...invite a Stephen Minister to be a special friend to you.

A Stephen Minister is...

    • A child of God who walks beside a hurting person
    • A caring Christian friend who really listens
    • A lay person who has received 50 hours of training in providing distinctively Christian care

A Stephen Minister is not...

    • A counselor or therapist
    • A problem-solver
    • A casual visitor

Stephen Ministry helps meet the needs of those who are...

    • Hospitalized
    • Terminally ill
    • Bereaved
    • The elderly
    • In a job crisis
    • New in the community or church
    • Disabled
    • Homebound
    • Lonely
    • In spiritual need
    • Looking for a caring, Christian friend
    • Desiring refreshment from God
E-mail Pastor Amy at amy@bellvilleumc.org if you are interested in serving or call 979-865-5976


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